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How to Monitor My Partner's Activity on His Phone from My Phone?


How can I know everything on my boyfriend's phone without him knowing?

Embarking on the quest to understand your partner better is common. We all know the importance of trust and open communication in our romantic relationship. It lays the foundation for a healthy connection. But it is only a ideal situation.

I am more and more upset about my husband's behaviour. He pays a lot of time on his phone and we haven't communicate with each other for a long time. I want to know what he is doing on his phone. Is my husband cheating on me? Any way to know my partner's activities on his phone from mine?

Part 1. How to Spy on Your Partner's Phone?

The most effective way to monitor your partner's activities on his phone is by using spy spouse tracking app. Stealth mode of spy app lets you to track your spouse without them knowing. Moreover, a spy app is also a hidden SMS tracker, location tracker, phone tracker and phone recorder. It is an all-in-one tool which helps spy on your partner's phone without hassle.

Spy Spouse Tracking App - FoneWatcher

FoneWatcher Spouse Tracking app comes to you as the most comprehensive phone tracker. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once it is installed on your husband's phone, it goes disappeared and runs on the background, keeping itself hidden and undetectable.

FoneWatcher is safe and secure. All monitored data is encrypted. You can remotely check what partner is doing on a web control panel remotely. You can spy on their activity on dashboard by logging in to your account on any browser.

fonewatcher to monitor your partners activities

Partner's Activities Can Be Monitored

Read Text Messages:

Spouse have the capability to review all text messages on their loved ones' phones using the FoneWatcher Dashboard. This encompasses both sent and received messages, including those that have been deleted. The messages are presented with the contact's name and number, accompanied by a timestamp, in a coherent conversation format.

Get Call History and Contacts:

Spouses can also keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls on their partner's phone through the FoneWatcher Dashboard. The call logs include the contact's name and number, call type, duration, and timestamps. Hence, spouses can gain insights into whom their partner is communicating with via calls and whether there are any disturbances.

Record Call Conversations:

To clarify your concerns and address your spouse, FoneWatcher enables you to record live conversations of your partner. You can listen to these conversations to comprehend the nature of the discussion. If you identify instances of bullying, abuse, blackmail, or someone attempting to manipulate your spouse through calls, you can take prompt action.

Track Location:

One of the primary suspicions for spouses when their partners go outside alone or with others is ensuring their whereabouts. That is why FoneWatcher enables spouses to monitor their partner's real-time location on the map from the Dashboard. Additionally, spouses can review their partner's location history records to trace their whereabouts in the recent past.

Monitor Social Media:

The most significant online concern for spouses is social media platforms. Hence, FoneWatcher allows spouses to spy on all social media conversations that their partners engage in on various social media apps. FoneWatcher can capture conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other similar apps, displaying them to spouses through the Dashboard.

Set Geo-Fencing:

As it's not always feasible for a suspicious wife to monitor her partner's location in real-time, FoneWatcher has introduced the Geofence feature. The wife can set a virtual fence encompassing worried areas. When her partner crosses that Geofence, FoneWatcher sends instant alerts to the wife, allowing her to monitor her partner's movements in real-time and take immediate actions if necessary.

Check Browsing History:

It's essential to periodically inspect their browser history. Keep an eye on the websites they visit and the searches they conduct. This will enable you to discern whether they are searching for inappropriate online content like porn.

Record Phone Screen:

Remote control stands out as a distinctive feature of FoneWatcher. You have the ability to capture screenshots and record your partner's phone screen in real-time directly from your Dashboard. This allows you to promptly monitor your spouse's activities on their phone, enabling you to detect any issues before they have the chance to delete them.

Listen to Phone Surrounding Live:

FoneWatcher supports listening to phone surroundings, with this feature, you can know the surrounding environment of your partner and know whether he is cheating on you or not.

How to Use FoneWatcher to See What My Boyfriend is Doing on His Phone?

Step 1. You decide to have FoneWatche. Go to their websites and pay for the subscription.

Step 2. Once you sucessfully pay for the app, you need to download and install it on your husband's phone. You need physically access his phone at least once. Once you install the app, it will go disappeared so that your husband will not know that you are spying on him.

install fonewatcher

Step 3. All data on your boyfriend's phone will be scanned and sync to the remote control panel. You can log in to your account to check all monitored data from his phone to yours.

fonewatcher dashboard

Part 2. How to Track Your Spouse's iPhone for Free?

To track your spouse's iPhone, using iCloud backup is a straightforward way. You can restore your spouse's iCloud backup to your phone to check his activities on iPhone. App data from various applications on device is backed up. This includes information such as game progress, login credentials, and app-specific settings.

iCloud backup includes photos and videos stored in your spouse device's camera roll. Text messages (SMS), iMessages, and MMS messages are included in the backup. This allows you to restore their entire message history.

Part 3. How to Track Your Partner's Android Phone for Free?

The same as tracking iPhone with iCloud, you can spy on your partner's Android phone with Google Drive. Google Drive is primarily a cloud storage service, and it's designed to store and synchronize files across devices. If your husband or wife is an Android phone user, you need to get his Google account and make sure his data has been backed up. Log into the Google account and restore their phone backup to check every activities on Android phone for free.


FoneWatcher is the most recommended method to spy on your partner's activities on his phone from yours. It is hidden and undetectable. All data on his phone will be monitored without missing. Also, you can track their phone for free by iCloud backup on iPhone and Google Drive backup on Android.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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