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How to Spy on My Husband's Text Messages without Touching His Phone?

Digital cheating in the smartphone age is everywhere. Concerns about trust often arise between spouses. Have you doubted that your husband had an affair? Do you find that your husband had a sexting with someone?

That leads many to question how they can read their husband's text messages without physically accessing their phone. To catch digital cheating, digital spying is the most effective way. In this post, we are going to discuss how to monitor your husband's text messages without touching his phone by spy apps.

how to read my husbands text messages

Part 1. The Best Spy Apps to Read Your Husband's Text Messages

FoneWatcher Cheating Catcher

FoneWatcher allows you to view your husband's phone without his knowing. You may read SMS messages on your husband's phone and access instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger using the spy capabilities and keylogger. You will also be able to monitor phone calls, GPS location, and deleted media files. Access to your target person's phone camera is another fantastic feature on FoneWatcher. This allows you to view what your husband is up to when he is not with you. FoneWatcher works with both iPhone and Android devices.

fonewatcher to spy on your husbands text messages


Using mSpy to catch a cheating husband's messages involves deploying a tool designed for digital surveillance. mSpy allows users to monitor text messages, including SMS and messaging apps. If there are suspicions of infidelity, you can use this feature to track their husband's messages discreetly.

mspy to spy on your husbands text messages


Hoverwatch is a mobile monitoring software designed for discreetly tracking various aspects of a target device, including reading text messages. For individuals suspecting infidelity, Hoverwatch allows access to SMS and messaging app conversations, providing insights into a spouse's communication. The software also includes features like call monitoring, GPS tracking, and a keylogger.

hoverwatch to spy on your husbands text messages


You may view your husband's text messages, instant messenger chats, and multimedia files using uMobix. You can also monitor WhatsApp messages using this software. Aside from text messages, you may track your husband's location using GPS and his phone conversations. uMobix works with iPhone and Android smartphones.

umobix to spy on your husbands text messages

Part 2. How to Choose the Best Spy Apps to Get Your Spouse's Text Messages

Every spy app has advantages and disadvantages and is best suited to certain types of users. For those who want to read their husband's text messages without touching his phone, the certain features needed are stealth operations, remote accessing, quick and safe installation, and a good collection of spy functions to spy on your husband's text messages.

FoneWatcher comes up with all above features. Moreover, you can track your husband's location with its GPS tracker, get his call history and contacts, check his private browsing history, and view his photos and videos. Remote control feature is one of its advanced features by which you can remotely activate your husband's phone camera and microphone to record everything on and around his phone, such phone calls, phone screen, and phone surrounding live. If you want to keep his messages as evidences, you can export and keep them on your own devices.

Part 3. What Kind Of Messages Do Spy Apps Give You Access to

  • SMS Monitoring: Tracking text messages on your husband's phone is the very basic feature of a spy app. You can see sent and received messages, timestamps, duration and contacts.
  • WhatsApp Monitoring: WhatsApp stands as one of the most popular messaging platforms globally. You can monitor your husband's messages as well as his calls on WhatsApp with WhatsApp monitoring tool.
  • Snapchat Monitoring: Snapchat messages will go disappeared after they are read. It is a good way for your husband to hide they sexting and cheating. But with spy app like FoneWatcher, you can check your husband's Snapchat messages in time.
  • Messenger Monitoring: Facebook Messenger is also anther popular app that your husband will use to text someone and start his affair. You can see what they sent on Messenger without him knowing by spy apps.
  • Instagram Monitoring: Your husband may send direct messages on Instagram. The spy app can monitor Instagram to catch what and whom your husband text. Instagram monitoring can help you catch a cheating husband.
  • Other Instant Messengers Monitoring: Spy app can monitor more instant messengers like Telegram, Viber, Skype, Kik, LINE, Discord. Every message your husband text on his phone is found out for you to check.

Part 4. How to Spy on Your Husband's Text Messages without Him Knowing?

Now you have clear idea that to read your husband's text messages is possible and not difficult. Here's how to spy on his text messages step by step:

Step 1. You decide to have FoneWatcher or which spy app. Go to their websites and pay for the subscription.

Step 2. Once you sucessfully pay for the app, you need to download and install it on your husband's phone. You need physically access his phone at least once. Once you install the app, it will go disappeared so that your husband will not know that you are spying on him.

install fonewatcher to spy on your husband

Step 3. All data on your husband's phone will be scanned and sync to the remote control panel. You can log in to your account to check all monitored data including his text messages without him knowing.

fonewatcher to spy on your husbands text messages

Part 5. Conclusion

You may be wondering who your husband is texting and what your husband is messaging. You are upset of that whether your husband is cheating on you or not. By tracking his messages, you can find the truth. With spy apps like FoneWatcher, reading your husband's text messages without touching his phone is possible and relatively easy. Why not have a try and give yourself a chance to get the peace of mind?

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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