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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot or Screen Record?

So you've come across a post or story that is really captivating and you want to save it to your mobile phone. Since, Instagram doesn't provide the option to download or save the stories, reels, and posts, the only resort is to take the screenshot or record the screen. But you're confused about whether Instagram informs the user of your action, as it can be really embarrassing.

Well, not more, as in this blog post we will discuss when does Instagram notify when you screenshot or screen record and when it doesn't not.

does instagram notify when you screenshot or screen record

Part 1. Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot?

Since Instagram is one of the biggest photo and video sharing platforms on the internet, millions of people post content daily. Thus, it is very common to come across photos and videos that are too tempting to save on a mobile. Unfortunately, Instagram takes users' privacy strictly, it doesn't allow you to download the content on the platform. So the only substitute is to take a screenshot or record screen.

But first, you want to know if Instagram notify the user when you screenshot their photos and stories.

Instagram has tested this feature in the past where it notifies the user when you take a screenshot of their posts. But, to your amazement, Instagram doesn't notify the user anymore when taking a screenshot of their photos, posts, stories, and highlights. This means you can fearlessly take screenshots of your favorite pictures or stories that you see on the platform and save them to view in the future.

The same goes for photos and messages in the DMS. However, when you take a screenshot of disappearing photos or messages, It does notify the user of your action. Let's say that you were having a conversation with someone on Instagram and he sent some photos or messages in vanish mode, which means you can only view it once and it will disappear after it. But you wanted to save that conversation or photo in your mobile phone and you took a screenshot. Creep, Instagram will immediately tell the sender that you took a screenshot of the photo or message.

It sends a notification with the username of the person who took the screenshot. Additionally, the sender can also see a spiral icon next to the photos that were Screen captured and it is permanent.

Part 2. Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record?

Just as Instagram doesn't notify when someone screenshots posts, stories, and highlights, it also doesn't let them know when you screen record the videos and reels shared on the platform. So, if you've some video that has captured your heart and you want to save them on your mobile phone. Whether it's a meme, recipe, tutorial, even or anything you can effortlessly screen record it on your mobile without letting the user know.

However, Instagram will notify the user when you will screen record the videos in the vanish mode. Additionally, It also notifies you when you share the video with someone. Whether it is inside the platform or outside, Instagram will notify them that you shared their post. It will also show the number of times the video was shared under the "Paper Plane" icon.

Part 3. Can You Screenshot or Screen Record An Instagram Story?

Yes, you can screenshot or screen record an Instagram story without anyone knowing. It is extremely straightforward and effortless. Almost every mobile phone comes with a built-in feature to take screenshots and record screens. Thus, you can seamlessly capture those captivating stories on your mobile phone. But that's only possible for those stories that are public or visible to you.

Perhaps there are stories that are visible to followers or some of the friends only. Hence, if your friend, kid, or partner has shared some stories on their Instagram profile, you won't be able to see them let alone record them. In that case, a third-party application can help you to view the story and take screenshots anonymously.

There is a wide range of third-party applications in the market that allows you to view private stories on Instagram and take screenshots of them. However, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. To help you save time and money, we have explored one of the best Instagram story viewers and recorders that allows you to anonymously save Instagram stories without letting the user know.

FoneWatcher - The Best Phone Screenshot and Recorder Remotely

FoneWatcher is an excellent screen recorder and Instagram story viewer that enables you to remotely view someone's Instagram story and save it to your mobile device. This app contains features such as stealth mode and remote monitoring that enable you to monitor and screenshot the target Instagram stories from anywhere in the world.

Unlike other apps where you need to stay near the target device, FoneWatcher provides the convenience of remote monitoring. Plus, it also doesn't require jailbreaking, which means your data will remain safe and secure.

Furthermore, FoneWatcher is more than just a mere screen recorder and Instagram monitor. It understands your curiosity to monitor more than just an Instagram account and allows you to peek into other social media applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more) installed on the target mobile phone.

It also embeds the feature to record calls and view text messages shared on the mobile phone. You can listen to the calls, know about the caller ID, read the messages, and even access the deleted messages. That's not all, there are a bunch of other amazing features on the app that can make you a full-fledged detective without going outside.

Outstanding Features of FoneWatcher Instagram Tracker

  • View and save Instagram stories: FoneWatcher enables you to see private and hidden photos on target users' Instagram accounts. It also allows you to screenshot and record these stories to save on your mobile phone and the target user won't be able to know that you viewed their story.
  • View Instagram posts and reels: With FoneWatcher you can view all the private and hidden photos and reels on the target account and save them on your device.
  • View Instagram chats and notifications: Apart from Instagram stories and posts, FoneWatcher also monitors the private conversations and notifications on the target account. You can even read the disappeared messages in the conversation and take screenshots. Instagram will not notify the sender that you took a screenshot.
  • Track location: With FoneWatcher you can also track the real-time location and location history of your target device. So if you want to know the whereabouts of your kids or partner, you can locate them using FoneWatcher without them knowing. This feature can also be useful in case they lose their mobile phones.
  • Monitor search and browsing history: FoneWatcher also monitors the search and browsing history on target mobile web browsers, YouTube and TikTok. This feature can be very useful to know if your kids are watching explicit content or not.

Screenshot and Screen Record Someone's Instagram without Knowing via FoneWatcher

Step 1. To begin with, create a FoneWatcher account by visiting the FoneWatcher official website. Once signed up, purchase a premium plan to unlock the features.

Step 2. Get the link to download the app on the target mobile phone. Install the app and complete the necessary settings following the setup guide. Once finished, leave the target mobile phone.

install fonewatcher

Step 3. On your device, log in to the FoneWatcher account and go to the dashboard. Underneath the social media option click on Instagram and you will see all the stories, posts, and reels uploaded by the user.

monitor instagram with fonewatcher


In a nutshell, the answer to does Instagram notify when you screenshot or screen record someone's story, post, or video on Instagram is negative. Instagram did introduce this feature in the past years but it has again removed this feature, thus you can fearlessly capture your favorite photos and videos from Instagram without notifying the content owner.

However, that's not the case with private DMS. when you take a screenshot of the conversations or photos shared in vanish Instagram sends a notification to the sender. So, if you want to take screenshots of private DMS and stories, third-party apps like FoneWatcher would be an ideal choice.

This app comes with an extensive array of features that enables you to read deleted messages, private stories and take screenshots without anyone knowing.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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