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How to Check Search History on iPhone - 3 Ways

When browsing a certain topic or content on your iPhone, you may have some interest to revisit it in the future. The easiest way to open or access the data on websites you previously visited is to access the search history section of your Safari browser.

Safari allows you to check or view history on iPhone. For the case of deleted search history, you can recover the data through the iPhone settings, iCloud web, iCloud sync backup, or iTunes backup.

There's also a PC-based software called FoneWatcher for iOS that enables you to check search history on iPhone.

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1.How to Search History on iPhone in Safari

To achieve this, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Safari app on your iPhone and tap on the bookmarks/history button.

  2. Select the book tab and move to the history section.

  3. In the history section, make sure you tap into the search history box as shown below.

  4. To search the Safari browser history, you can now type the search query of whatever you want to look for.

search history on iphone in safari

Safari is quite convenient when checking browser search history on your iPhone. With Safari for iOS, you can typically search for anything in the history section as long you've not cleared your browser history.

More Tip: How to Check Deleted Safari Search History on iPhone?

Have you by mistake deleted safari search data on your iPhone? There exists a unique PC-based software that can help you recover deleted search history on someone's iPhone. Have you heard about FoneWatcher for iOS?

FoneWatcher is a monitoring software that can help you determine the type of activity in your kid's or spouse's iPhone. You only need to install this software on the target device to monitor someone's deleted search history on Safari.

FoneWatcher is 100% safe and doesn't need any jailbreaking. Also, it has over 20 features that help it monitor all iOS devices.

How to Find Deleted Safari Search History via FoneWatcher

To achieve this, take note of the following steps.

Step 1. Register an account on FoneWatcher website

You first need to create a valid FoneWatcher account. Next, you need to purchase the right license to help you unlock most of the monitoring features found in this PC-based software.

Step 2. Download and install on computer

When you've completed the payments, the system will direct you to the "My Products" page. You'll then have access to the order you've purchased. Next, click the "Setup Guide" to access instructions for use.

You can then download and install the program on the target computer. Proceed and scan the backup data from the target gadget.

download fonewatcher on computer and scan data

Step 3. Check search history on the dashboard

Click the "Verify Setup" button to confirm your configuration and start monitoring the target iPhone. To manage the account information, access the web control panel.

To view the search history and other iPhone data, bring the app interface to the dashboard page.

check deleted safari history on dashboard

What Information Can Be Checked about Safari History on FoneWatcher?

Now that you've managed to install and run FoneWatcher for iOS, you can conveniently check out the following information.

  • Check existing and deleted safari history. This includes information such as what the user previously browsed. If the user deletes any browsing data, you can still access this information with FoneWatcher.

    check safari history on fonewatcher dashboard

  • Visiting date and time, websites, and URL. FoneWatcher for iOS also allows you to dig deeper into the browsing history. You can check the exact time and date that the user visited a given website. Through the online dashboard, you can see the website name and its URL.

  • Select and export safari history data.Having managed to view the browsing data on the target iPhone, you can still export this data to your preferred location for either future reference or some other use. The online dashboard allows you to select the data you would wish to export and your preferred destination.

    select and export safari history data

In addition to this technique, below are more four ways on how to check deleted search history on iPhone.

  • iPhone Settings. The most basic way to recover your deleted data entails accessing your iPhone settings. Just go to "Phone Settings"--> "Safari"--> "Advanced". Next, tap on "Website Data" and everything that you had deleted will display on the screen.

  • iCloud Web. Had you synced your iPhone data over the cloud? If so, it's possible that the data stored could also include that from Safari. Therefore, to recover the deleted Safari data, you only need to access the iCloud web.

  • iCloud Sync Backup. If you've backed up all your gadget's data to iCloud, it's possible to restore them to your iPhone. During the restoration process, you’ll recover Safari search history data.

  • iTunes Backup. It's also possible to recover your data if you had backed it up in iTunes. You can restore this data to your iPhone within a very short time. However, you'll first have to delete everything from your iPhone before restoring the backup from iTunes.

Part 2. How to Check Google Search History on iPhone

Follow the steps below to achieve this:

Step 1. Open Google Chrome on your device. To the lower right, tap on the three horizontal dots as shown below.

Step 2. Click on "History"

Step 3. Once on the "History" page, you can review your browsing history for several days or months in the past. Your Google account should be synced to allow you access the history information or you’ll have nothing to view in the Google History section.

check google search history on iphone

Your iPhone also allows you to search and filter specific web pages. This helps you to narrow down your searches to a specific field. The steps outlined above can also help you on how to check deleted google history in iPhone.

Part 3. How to Check Browser History on iPhone in Settings

Do you know it's possible to access your browsing history using the settings on your iPhone? In fact, it's among the easiest ways to view your browsing history on Safari since it doesn't take a lot of time. You can achieve this in the following four basic steps:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down to "Safari" and open "Safari" Settings

Step 3. Scroll to the lower end of the page and click on "Advanced"

Step 4. The next window that opens shows "Website data." To access your deleted browsing data, tap on it. You'll see all the deleted data listed here

check browser history on iphone in settings


It's quite easy to check for search history on your iPhone. Just take note of each of the steps outlined in this article and you'll conveniently access any data you want including deleted information on Safari.

If you want to monitor search history on someone's iPhone, you need FoneWatcher for iOS. This PC-based software has great convenience since it allows you to access even deleted browsing data. To get started with FoneWatcher, you can sign up here and follow the provided installation steps.

You can sign up for free or purchase to access more advanced features of the software. You can also view a demo to know how the software works for iOS.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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