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SpyBubble Reviews 2023: Is It Really Your Investigative Partner?

spybubble reviews

In today's tech-savvy world, keeping an eye on what your loved ones or employees do on their mobile devices is essential. Thankfully, monitoring apps have made this challenging task easier and achievable. However, with so many options out there, picking the right one can be confusing.

In this review, we'll break down one of the mobile monitoring apps, SpyBubble, to help you decide if it's the right choice for you. We'll look at what it does well and where it falls short, so you can make an informed choice when it comes to monitoring mobile activities.

Part 1. What is SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is an incredible computer and mobile monitoring app designed to provide insights into the digital activities of your children, employees, or loved ones. Whether you're concerned about your child's online safety, want to improve employee productivity, or suspect your partner's online behavior, SpyBubble offers the tools to help you stay informed.

One of the main advantages of SpyBubble is, it supports various operating systems such as Android, Mac, and Windows. This means you can monitor Android mobile phones as well as computers, making it an ideal app to monitor the work performance of the employees. Moreover, the app works in completely hidden mode providing peace of mind and preventing the target user from deleting it.

what is spybubble

Part 2. SpyBubble App Features

SpyBubble offers a wide range of beneficial features that enable you to see what the target user is doing on his mobile or computer. It provides details updates about the target user activities

Call Monitoring: SpyBubble allows you to monitor call logs, including incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and contact information. You can listen to the calls in real-time and you also have the option to record the calls. The recording will be available with the call log once the call ends and you can download it from there.

Message Tracking: You can read text messages, including SMS and chat messages, sent or received on the target device.

GPS Location Tracking: You can monitor the real-time location of the target device and access location history. It helps to always remain updated about the target user's whereabouts.

Social Media Monitoring: SpyBubble provides insights into social media activity on popular platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. You can read their chats and view the multimedia files shared in the conversation.

Web Browsing History: With SpyBubble you can effortlessly view the websites visited by the target user. You can even view the websites that are bookmarked.

Keylogger: It allows you to track everything that the target user types on its keyboard, enabling you to get a deeper insight into their mobile activities.

Contact Information: You can get access to the target device's contact list and other contact-related information. This can help you find out about the interactions of your children and spouse so that you can block or investigate suspicious contacts.

Multimedia Monitoring: SpyBubble enables you to view photos and videos stored on the device.

Alerts: You can set alerts on your target device and SpyBubble will notify you immediately when the target user breaks the rules or goes against the law.

Part 3. How Do Users Rate the SpyBubble App?

User reviews play a significant role in determining the effectiveness and overall user experience of any monitoring application. SpyBubble, like any other software, has got both positive and negative reviews. Here is a comprehensive summary of what users appreciate about SpyBubble and what they find disappointing.

Positive Reviews

Ease of Use: Many users find SpyBubble's interface user-friendly and straightforward. It's straightforward for users with varying levels of technical expertise, ensuring an effortless monitoring experience.

Stealth Mode: SpyBubble operates in completely discreet mode. Once installed on the target device, it remains hidden, eliminating the risk of being caught by the target user.

Location Tracking: Users loved the real-time location tracking feature of SpyBubble. It helps them stay updated on the whereabouts of their loved ones or employees.

Negative Reviews

Limited Features: Many users complained that the app doesn't offer all the promised features. Sometimes the features don't work at all. Though they work, they provide wrong information about the target user activities.

Inconsistent Performance: Some users reported that SpyBubble suddenly stopped working, leaving them in the dark about the activities they were monitoring. This significantly affects the monitoring experience and frustrates the users.

Part 4. Price Plans for SpyBubble

When it comes to pricing, SpyBubble offers a variety of options to cater to different users. The pricing can be competitive compared to some other monitoring apps in the market. SpyBubble provides two main plans:

Basic Plan Premium Plan

1-Month Plan



3-Month Plan



12-Month Plan



SpyBubble's pricing and plans are designed to accommodate users with varying needs and budgets. While the Basic Plan offers affordability for individual monitoring, the Premium Plan provides excellent value for those who require comprehensive monitoring for multiple devices. The availability of these options places SpyBubble in the medium pricing range, offering a balance between affordability and functionality.

Part 5. Pros and Cons of SpyBubble

Prominent Pros

  • Works in complete stealth mode.
  • Track in real time as well as history location.
  • A simple dashboard makes it easy to use.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Social media tracking provides comprehensive information.
  • Browsing history monitoring.

Noteworthy Cons

  • Fewer features compared to other apps.
  • Bad customer service.
  • Poor performance.
  • Doesn't offer geofencing.
  • Does Not provide access to videos stored on the device.
  • Not iOS supported.

Part 6. How Does SpyBubble Work?

Step 1. Register

The first step is to register on their official website and select a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2. Install the app

After selecting a subscription plan, users need to install the SpyBubble app on the target device. This typically involves downloading the app and following the provided installation instructions.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Once the app is set up you can start monitoring on your SpyBubble dashboard by logging in to your official account.

how to set up spybubble

Part 7. SpyBubble vs FoneWatcher

Undoubtedly, SpyBubble is an excellent mobile and computer monitoring app that provides significant information about target user online activities, however there are other applications that offer a deeper insight. One such app is FoneWatcher that comes with advanced monitoring functionality that provides a better and comprehensive monitoring experience. Here are the main reasons why FoneWatch is better than SpyBubble.


First and foremost, SpyBubble provides support on Android, Windows and mac operating systems only, which means you can monitor Android mobile but not iOS. On the other hand, FoneWatcher is compatible with both iOS and Android allowing you to monitor iPhone, iPad as well as iCloud activities of your target user.

Surrounding recording

While SpyBubble allows you to take pictures by turning on the camera on the target device, FoneWatcher enables you to record audio and video. This can help you to spy deeply into the surroundings of your target user and what he does offline.

Social media monitoring

Another important reason why FoneWatcher should be your top priority is social media monitoring. SpyBubble monitors only the conversation on the social media platform. But FoneWatcher monitor each and every activity that users perform from text messages to likes, comments, status, stories, reels, private posts, streaks and more.

FoneWatcher also monitors the YouTube and TikTok watch history of the target device, enabling you to see what kind of videos your children watch on these platforms.

fonewatcher vs spybubble


FoneWatcher also stands out in providing location alerts that you will not get in SpyBubble. With this feature you can mark the areas on the map and it will give you alerts when the target user enters or leaves that area. This can help you to find the lost mobile phone and know when your children enter a dangerous zone or prohibited territory.

Keyword Tracking

This is another excellent feature offered by FoneWatcher that takes your monitoring experience to another level. With this feature, you can set some sensitive keywords alerts on your kids or spouse device and it will check their keylogger against these words. Once it detects any word, it will immediately notify you so you can take action.

Data export

With SpyBubble you can only monitor the activities of the target device but can't save them on your device. You might be able to take some screenshots but it can't be enough sometimes. FoneWatcher solves this problem with a data export feature that enables you to export all the data such as multimedia files and messages from the target device to save on your mobile phone. This can be really helpful when you want to catch a cheater and confront him with evidence.

Head to Head Comparison of FoneWatcher and SpyBubble

FoneWatcher Eyezy

Social Media Monitoring

Advanced monitoring

Limited monitoring

iOS Monitoring Features


Limited features

TikTok and YouTube Monitoring

Screen Recording

Discord monitoring

Messenger Monitoring


Keyword Alerts


Calls recording

Messages Monitoring

Browser History

Multimedia Files



Track Keywords


In a nutshell, SpyBubble is an amazing monitoring application if you want to monitor the basic activities of the computer and Android mobile of your target user. It is straightforward to use and competitively priced for its features.

However, if your target user has an iPhone/iPad or you want to monitor advanced activities such as social media activities, FoneWatcher is the ideal choice for you. It offers a deeper insight into the target user's mobile phones and provides more control and power to the user as compared to SpyBubble.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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