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How to See Someone's Private Messages on Facebook for Free?

Every day, thousands of conversations happened on Facebook, a social platform with millions of users. Facebook connects people all around the world with a simple page. They can get the latest news on their feeds, share their lives by posting photos or videos, exchanges their opinions, and make friends globally. And for privacy-protecting, Facebook introduced a "secret message" feature in 2017. Its secret messenger allows both users to talk in a completely private and closed-off chat. Many users feel more secure with this feature. However, it is worth being aware of the risks of such a secret chat.

see someones private messages on facebook for free

Therefore, for people who want to protect their loved, they are looking for a way to see someone's private messages on Facebook for free. Then you are in the right place. We will help you to read secret conversations on Facebook effortlessly.

Way 1. With FoneWatcher - The Best Monitoring App to Read Someone's Messages on Facebook

FoneWatcher Facebook Tracker available for both Android and iOS devices, is one of the most powerful monitoring tools which can help check all data on a target phone, including social media monitoring like Facebook and Facebook Messenger. With FoneWatcher, it is easy to know what people talk about and whom they talk to on Facebook.

How to See Facebook Private Messages with FoneWatcher?

FoneWatcher is easy-to-use. With only simple 3 steps, you can enjoy the feature to check the messages and conversations on Facebook.

Step 1. Register a FoneWatcher account with only 1 click on the button. Choose your suitable plans to enjoy its features.

Step 2. Follow the guide to download and install it on the target phone. Authorize the permissions and finish the configuration.

install fonewatcher

Step 3. After installation, leave the target phone. Log into your account on our website and start to check messages on Facebook remotely and secretly.

fonewatcher facebook monitor

Why is FoneWatcher Outstanding among Monitoring Apps?

As a monitoring app, FoneWatcher is feature-rich. It can meet all your needs for spying on someone from message checking to call recording, with no detail missed. Here is a list of FoneWatcher features:

  • Run in the background, 100% hidden:

    Stealth mode is a basic feature for a monitoring and spy app. FoneWatcher will keep no tracking of spying and leave no footprints. It can minimize the risks to be caught. It can protect you behind, so you can get all details on phone remotely and secretly.

  • View text messages on the target phone:

    FoneWatcher will sync all messages on the phone. You can know whom your spouse or kids are talking to, including his name and avatar. Of course, you will also get all content they are chatting about and media files they are sharing with each other.

  • Monitor social media apps:

    With the development of the Internet, messaging apps may be a common choice for the Z generation. They send messages on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. And as you know, they can start a secret conversation on Facebook. Except for messages, they can also use emoji to express themselves. FoneWatcher can monitor these social media apps, and sync all sent, received, and even deleted messages, as well as media files.

  • Track real-time location and check location history:

    FoneWatcher is also a good GPS phone tracker. It can track real-time phone location. You can know wherever they are with FoneWatcher. You can also check the location history to know where they have been. Moreover, it can check the WiFi logged in to know the exact room they were in.

  • Check all history on the phone:

    FoneWatcher allows you to see all call history including those incoming, outgoing, missing, and deleted. It also allows you to check browsing history to know what they searched for and are interested in.

  • Best phone recorder:

    FoneWatcher is a live recording assistant. You can easily use it to remotely control the target phone. You can take the phone screenshot or record the phone screen to know what draws their attention. You can also record their phone calls to know the content. Environment recording is a powerful feature to know what happens around them. Combine with the audio, you can take photos through the camera to get visual facts.

  • See all phone files:

    Photos, videos, and contacts can be easily got with FoneWatcher. You can also get photos and videos on social media apps. Its Keylogger feature will record every keystroke for you. All data can be exported to your own devices, you can keep them as you like.

Way 2. Use Cookies to Read Someone's Facebook Private Messages for Free

Cookies can also be used to gain free access to someone's Facebook communications. Cookies are data and browsing behavior collection and storage files. Cookies will make it easier for you to snoop on someone else's Facebook chat history.

You must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your target person in order to employ cookies. Additionally, a cookie storage extension program must be installed on your target device. Then, you can access someone's Facebook account and messages by informing Facebook that you are a verified user using the cookies.


  • Cookies use fewer resources and server space.
  • Cookies are easy to use and cost nothing.
  • Cookies are simple to set up and use whatever you choose.


  • You still need an extension app to collect and store your target person's cookies.
  • Cookies cannot be used to get a lot of information about someone else's Facebook inbox messages.
  • Cookies are regarded as a privacy infringement and are sometimes utilized unlawfully.
  • Cookies can only be stored in a certain amount of space.

Way 3. Use Keyloggers to See Other's Facebook Private Messages

You may spy on someone's Facebook communications for free using keylogger software. Every action that is made on the target device can be observed using the keylogger that has been placed there.

The keylogger is crucial for covertly gathering information without the owner's knowledge. Keyloggers can be employed by businesses to help them keep an eye on their employees' productivity. Free keyloggers can be used by parents to keep an eye on their kids' activities.


  • Keyloggers can be used to swiftly collect data.
  • They are simple to use and remote.
  • They are challenging to find.
  • They are simple to install and don't need any technological know-how.


  • All hardware keyloggers need physical access to the target device in order to be installed and removed.
  • When devices undergo routine inspections, they can be found and eliminated.


Methods about how to see someone's private messages on Facebook for free are listed above. You can try the phone monitoring app FoneWatcher, keyloggers, or cookies. Among these three ways, we might recommend FoneWatcher to you for it not only help you read messages on Facebook but monitor the whole phone. Its location tracking, phone recording, and text message tracking will reveal more details. Why not have a try?\

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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