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[4 Ways] How to Access Someone's Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the most promoted and trendy social media platforms in the world. And while some would have you believe that it is impossible to hack or exploit, any programmer or social engineer will tell you that this is false; there is no such thing as unbreakable code, and there is no such thing as a website that cannot be exploited in some way.

how to hack facebook account

While they can stay ahead of the game with constant updates that render older methods obsolete, there are some dependable hacking methods that can be used to exploit, crack, or hack a Facebook account – and these techniques aren't always protected against by the site itself, leaving a usable loophole.

4 Ways to Hack a Facebook Account

Hacking of Facebook accounts has place all around the world, on celebrities as well as ordinary individuals. But how could this happen? How to hack someone's Facebook account? Here are 4 options.

Way 1. Take Facebook Hacker To Hack Someone's Account - 95%

Accessing a Facebook account with spy applications is the most secure and efficient method. Although there are various websites that promise to be the greatest at hacking Facebook or that you only need to input the target's email ID, they are not as effective as Facebook hackers (spying apps).

The email address you provide there becomes a part of their database, and nothing else happens. Such websites might run off with your information as well as waste your time. FoneWatcher Facebook hacker is the greatest alternative for you among all the similar Facebook account hacking apps on the market.

fonewatcher facebook hacker

What Strengths FoneWatcher Owns?

  • The most outstanding feature is its stealth way of operation. It will never be discovered by target users or anti-virus software.
  • It will never keep the user's data in order to maintain security.
  • With this third-party monitoring app, you can hack a Facebook account without ID and password.
  • It is the most efficient method of hacking Facebook without a password, and it can monitor numerous accounts at the same time.
  • FoneWatcher can track Facebook messages secretly, including those that have been erased.
  • Apart from Facebook, FoneWatcher can hack Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • This program can track all of your target users' Facebook actions, such as likes, comments, and private posts.
  • It can immediately capture the screen of the target phone without delivering any alerts.

[3 Steps] How to Use FoneWatcher to Get into Someone's Facebook?

Step 1. Sign up for an account with an email address.

Step 2. Follow the setup guide to install FoneWatcher. Physical access to the target phone once.

install fonewatcher

Step 3. After installation, leave the phone and start to see all phone data including on Facebook remotely and secretly.

monitor facebook with fonewatcher

Way 2. Hire a Hacker to Achieve Spying On Facebook - 70%

Hackers now have a lot of accounts to attack, thanks to Facebook's 2.8 billion active monthly users. Despite security fixes implemented following a 2018 security breach affecting over 30 million people, over 500,000 phone numbers were again exposed in 2019. Despite the fact that Facebook's security has greatly improved since these breaches, hackers continue to target individual accounts.

hire a hacker to hack facebook


  • Your phishing page needs to be an ideal clone of the real login page. This may be not easy to achieve.
  • Knowing the right choice of bait to use in redirecting a Facebook user to access a website that they think is familiar may be very taxing.

Social Engineering

  • It requires knowing the target's password to get access.
  • In some cases, before knowing the target's password, you may be asked to provide an answer to the target's security question, which you most likely won't know.

Password and Username Leaks

  • The target's phone or browser must be programmed to store login information for this method to work.
  • For this method to be effective, the target person must log in to their Facebook account over a public network or a shared computer.

Way 3. Hack Facebook Account Using URL Online Free - 50%

Another fraudulent Facebook hacking technique that you may come across on the internet involves hacking someone's Facebook account using online URL. To use this Facebook hack tool, go to the website, input the Facebook profile URL whose account you want to steal, and then click search. The tool goes through a procedure and then asks you to wait for the outcome.


This hacking technique may also ask you to download a third-party app for this method to work effectively.

You may also be asked to fill out an online survey that may require you to provide information that you may not know.

Sometimes, even after doing what you are asked to do, this hacking technique may not be able to perform the Facebook hack for you.

Way 4. Guess Target Person's Password to Check Their Facebook - 5%

This trick is based on the carelessness and gullibility of Facebook users who choose weak and predictable passwords. However, because it depends completely on luck and ignorance, this strategy may not be as productive.

People frequently utilize dates and names that are very important to them. When you have enough knowledge of them, it should be rather simple to crack Facebook password. This contains items such as: Wedding anniversary; Year of birth; Names of spouses or children; Mobile phone numbers.


To achieve this, you'll need the target Facebook ID and email address.

You must also have access to the target's email or phone.

The target individual would almost certainly discover that they had been hacked, if not immediately, then later.

If the target individual is proficient, your IP address may be tracked because you are the one manually breaking into the system.


As you can see from the points above, most of the methods described to hack Facebook account are difficult to implement and are not always effective. When we consider the time and effort required to hack an account using these methods, it appears pointless to try them.

Spy applications are obviously the greatest option for hacking into a Facebook account because they are simple to install and much simpler to utilize. After finishing the settings, you will be able to hack a Facebook account in under a minute. FoneWatcher Facebook hacker is the greatest and comes highly recommended when it comes to monitoring apps.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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