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[4 Methods] Is It Possible to Track An Android Phone That is Turned off?

Before Start:

All free methods we introduced below may have its own limits. So here we also give one more advice that you should preinstall phone tracker in your Android to give you a double insurance.

Nothing is more painful than losing an Android phone especially when the thief has turned off your phone. Although there are many anti-theft apps in the market that can easily locate your stolen or lost Android phone within a few seconds. But tracking a phone that is turned off is a real challenging process as it stops communicating with nearby mobile towers when turned off.

But now you don't have to worry because we have found the best ways to track an Android phone that is turned-off.

So, if you have lost your phone or someone stole it, or want to keep an eye on your child, spouse or staff location history, for example to track your boyfriend's phone location, here are the killer ways to track your mobile and catch the thief.

1. Methods to Track A Turned-off Android Phone

Way 1. Use Google Timeline

Google timeline is an effective way of finding your Android phone. Google timeline keeps a track of your routes based on your location history and you can easily access your mobile phone location from Google timeline anytime from any place by simply signing in to your Google account. It is important to note that you can track location only if you have turned on the location history on Google.

Sign in to your google account on any other device.

Now go to Google Timeline and track your location on the google Map.

google timeline

Way 2. Use Google Find My Device

Another efficient way to track a turned-off mobile phone is by using Google "Find My Device". This amazing feature that is offered with Google play store is an effective weapon to track stolen phones that are turned off. With this method you can not only locate your phone but also lock and erase your device.

To get started, sign in to google using the account that is linked to your stolen/lost mobile phone.

After signing in, head over to google "Find My Device" page to locate your device.

Choose your lost android phone and locate the location.

google find my device

Way 3. Use Samsung's Find My Mobile

If you're using a Samsung phone, then this method is perfect for you. With Samsung's find my mobile option you can easily locate your stolen phone. What's more this amazing tool can even help you to unlock your device if you have forgotten your pin code.

Open the browser on any other device and go to find my mobile.

Sign in to your Samsung account that is connected to your stolen phone.

Now choose your lost device and it will locate the phone location on Google Map.

samsung find my mobile

2. More Advice: Preinstall Phone Tracker App in Android Phone

Another effective way to track a turned off mobile phone is by pre installing a third party tracking app on your mobile device. There are many reliable mobile tracking apps in the play store that effortlessly track mobile location even when it is turned off. Here is one of the best Android phone tracking apps of all time.

FoneWatcher Android phone tracker is an awesome app that is available to track your lost/stolen mobile phone. Whether you want to track a mobile phone or keep an eye on all the activities of your loved one or employees, this app works perfectly.

track location with fonewatcher

It provides all the information from incoming/outgoing calls to social media account activities, location history, browsing history, messages, audio, videos, images, documents and much more. What's more, you don't have to root or jailbreak to use this app.

Why does FoneWatcher stand out on Tracking an Android Phone?

  • Track real time GPS location of an Android Phone:

    FoneWatcher allows you to track real time location of your target mobile phone. So, if the thief is moving you can easily track the location and follow him.

  • Set geofence and get instant alert:

    Yes, this amazing app allows you to set geofence on our mobile phone. You can easily set restricted areas on your target mobile phone and get alert when the target mobile leaves or enters that specific area.

  • Get the last location of the Android phone that is turned off:

    Since, FoneWatcher tracks the real time location of your target mobile phone. So, you can easily get to know the last location of your target mobile when it is turned off. This can greatly help you to get an idea where your mobile is currently.

  • Know history location of Android phone:

    FoneWatcher save the history location of your target phone and you easily get to know where have been your target mobile all the day.It is an effective way to track the location history of your loved ones.

How to Use FoneWatcher Android Phone Tracker?

Step 1. Register an account:

First of all, you need to create an account on FoneWatcher official site using a valid email address. Sign up and select a plan to activate the features according to your needs and budget. After finishing the purchase you will be redirected to My Product and page. Here you will get the link to install the app.

Step 2. Install the app on target Android phone:

Now download and install the app following the setup guide. Configure the necessary settings and click on the Verify Setup button to confirm if all settings are correct. Once the setup finishes, the app will disappear from the mobile phone.

set up fonewatcher on target android

Step 3. Start to track phone location:

Now head over to your dashboard and monitor your target mobile phone. All the supported features are listed on the dashboard and easy to access.

track android location on dashboard

FAQs about tracking a Turned-Off Android Phone?

Q1. Can I track an Android Phone When it is turned off?

Yes, modern technology makes it effortless to track any mobile phone whether it is on or turned off. So, if you want to monitor child's phone as well as that of spouse and staff or lose your mobile phone with above mentioned methods you can easily track your target mobile location even when it is turned off.

Q2. Can Phone Location be known on Airplane Mode?

In short YES, mobile phones with GPS trackers are easy and effortless to track. Because, in Airplane mode, turn off only your cellular data and Wi-Fi, GPS is still working. So, you can easily track the mobile location using any of the above methods as mobile location is not disabled.

Q3. How to Stop Google from Tracking my Phone Location?

Open Google chrome and head over to the menu and click on settings. Now scroll down to advanced settings > Location Settings and click on to "Don't allow Google or any site to track your physical location".


That's all. Here you see there are many ways to track a mobile location even when it is turned off. Which method is best for you depends on your situation and needs. All tools are easy and convenient to use. Plus, you aren't required to have first hand knowledge about hacking.

So, use any tool and track your child, spouse or stolen phone location within seconds. Moreover, if you want to get some extra awareness about your child or spouse activities, don't forget FoneWatcher also offers his bonus features that allow you to monitor all activities.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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