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Best 6 Free Spy Apps for Android Undetectable 2023

Spy apps are becoming popular however a lot of people are using some of the popular spy apps for illegal activities. There is more to using a spy app especially if it is for security purposes. More than 100 spy apps are available but it is difficult to find a spy app that works perfectly on Android devices without phone rooting.

In this article, we will discuss 6 best undetectable spy apps for Android. Let's start!

best spy apps for android undetectable

Hidden Spy App #1.FoneWatcher Spyer

This is one of the best spy apps available on Android. It is one of the most used spy apps because of the various features that come with it. It is recommended for parents who are passionate about their kids' safety.

With the 100% undetectable feature, FoneWatcher allows people to track someone without being caught. For parents, there is a lot of explicit content on social media that is not meant for the kids thus it is important to prevent kids from getting exposed to such content. With the FoneWatcher, Android phone monitoring is made easy.

Features Making FoneWatcher Unique

Before settling for any spy app it is always advisable to check some of the features as there are several spy apps with little or useless features. Using a spy app with quality features will go a long way. Finding a spy app that functions without rooting your phone is a plus. FoneWatcher spying app comes with special features that make spying easy without having to root your phone.

fonewatcher for android

Catching phone files: check chats, call, searching history secretly and remotely

It is easy to get access to phone contacts, text, photos, call logs, videos, browser history, calendar, and more. This feature is used to check and save phone files to the desired device and it makes file export possible.

With this, parents can easily check what the kids are hiding on their phones, prevent them from strangers that can harm them, and easily prevent your kids from cyberbullying.

Monitoring social media without knowing:

Monitoring social media makes it possible to spy some of the social media apps from the desired device. FoneWatcher can help monitor 10+ ones, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegaram, Viber, Skype, Discord and so on.

With this feature, it is easy to know who your kids are chatting with, the type of content your kids are watching on their social media platforms, and what they are posting to entertain their followers. If you are looking for a way to protect your kids from cyberbullying then this Android spying app is the best one to go for.

Remote control on target Android phone:

Remote control is an exactly powerful feature. It allows you to control the target Android by capturing screenshots, recording phone calls and taking photo secretly.

You can keep a glance of every activity happens on target's phone. Moreover, you are allowed to store these data by simply a click to take a screenshot, take a photo, record calls, and record phone surroundings.

Location Tracker:

Users can track your kids and relatives' real-time locations and history locations. You can even setup a geofence to get alert when they are in/out. It is easy to know your loved one's whereabouts without any tussle.

At times, kids can be very funny and they tend to play with their friends without informing their parents and this may make it look more difficult to find them but with the location tracker on the Android tracking app, you can easily know their whereabouts without having to declare them missing. This app can also be used to know the whereabouts of the phone in case of theft.

Keylogger to record everything:

With this feature, it is easy to record passwords and every action directly from the desired device. The feature records everything happening on the phone without the owner suspecting it. Are you curious about the messages someone typing but not sending? It will be a little difficult to check them unless you have FoneWatcher with keylooger feature.

Run in stealth mode:

Making the spying app stealthy is not a difficult task. Once you successfully download the app on the target Android, the icon will disappear. Moreover it will be renamed so that it is hard to search any data about this Android spying app. It operates 100% in stealth mode to be undetectable perfectly.

Enjoy Features of FoneWatcher Spying on Someone without Them Knowing

Setting up this app is straightforward. To enjoy this best Android spying app requires only 3 steps. Below are the steps to follow when installing it:

Step 1. Create an account

Open an FoneWatcher account using a valid email. After the registration, it is mandatory to select a plan to be able to use all the advanced spy features. You will always get the best value for your money.

Step 2. Download and configure Android devices

Follow the tips to download APK file on the target Android and start installation. Then login in your FoneWatcher account registered in the first step. After that, go through the setup procedures to provide the necessary permissions.

download and install fonewatcher

Step 3. Start monitoring from the online dashboard

Now you can start monitoring your target phone from your FoneWatcher dashboard. As you can see, this is how straightforward the installation is. With the last step, you will be in control of the target phone.

start monitoring the android phone

Hidden Spy App #2.Spyic

Spyic is a completely useful syp app for both Android and iOS gadgets. Spyic was created to make spying easy for parents. The app makes it easy for parents to know their kids' whereabouts. Its usefulness is additionally great for businesses, especially to track dubious accomplices or a companion. It comes with different features like phone files, social media, location tracker, and many more. It is one of the best spy apps to consider. The programmer has 10 years of involvement with advanced security in 180 countries.

start monitoring the phone

Hidden Spy App #3.mSpy

mSpy is a spy application that permits you to gain access to what other people are doing on their telephone. It is a spy app that can be installed on your kids' phones to follow their activities, see what messages they are sending and check the numbers they are calling.

In addition to all these, it comes with other useful features that make tracking easy. The advantage to this is that it assists you with discovering what other people are doing and can likewise stop your kids from taking part in undesirable conduct.

start monitoring the phone

Hidden Spy App #4.Cocospy

This is another good spying app that is popular for its great features. Some of the great features that come with this app include phone files, social media, remote control, and location tracking. With proper configuration, it is easy to track and monitor friends and relatives.

It does not require rooting making it a good option for any Android phone. Purchasing the premium plan will give you several options especially if you intend to monitor your kids' activities on their phones. Do not hesitate to get the necessary information about the different features and how to use them before purchasing the premium plan.

start monitoring the phone

Hidden Spy App #5.XNSPY

This is another monitoring app that can be used on Android phones. It comes with different features that make it easy for users to monitor their friends and relatives by just downloading the app and configuring the settings. It does not require phone rooting as well. XNSpy is one of the few android spy apps to consider.

start monitoring the phone

Hidden Spy App #6.FlexiSPY

This is one of the top spy apps. It comes with different features that make monitoring easy. Downloading, registering and proper configuration will give you value for money. Purchasing the premium plan will give you several options especially if you intend to monitor your kids' activities on their phones.

start monitoring the phone


Finally, spy apps are useful especially for parents that love to protect their kids. Although there are several spy apps out there, we must be very careful when choosing a spy app especially if it is a paid app. This article has discussed some of the best spy apps to consider recently and among these apps FoneWatcher should be our first pick.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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