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How to See Someone's Activity on Instagram

Nowadays, it is very easy to share amazing stuff with relatives without having to be in the same room or environment. Several reasons could make one want to see other people's activities on Instagram, a social media app that have made communication more effective among friends and family.

Several activities can be seen by everyone if the user allows them, however, other third-party apps must be available to check other activities. This makes it very difficult to access some Instagram activities if one is not permitted by the account owner to do so.

how to see someone's activity on instagram

To access more activities on Instagram, getting the best spy application can be effective but there is always a problem with traceability. Most of the spy apps available can be traced by the target phones. This article will introduce the best way to check someone's activities on Instagram.

What are the Activities That Can be Seen by Others on Instagram?

A good number of activities can be seen on Instagram by other users if the user does not prevent other users from seeing them. It is simple to see someone's Instagram activity viewable. A lot of people always turn on the privacy feature that puts their profiles in private to prevent random people from checking their contents. This is a good way to prevent kids from being harassed or abused by strangers.

Below are some activities that can be seen on others' Instagram:

See who there are following – it is possible to check who Instagram users are following just clicking their profile. This is a good way to find old-time friends because it is very easy to see mutual friends on other users' Instagram profiles.

instagram following

Know whom they are followed by – it is easy for random users to know whom Instagram users are followed by.

instagram follower

View posts on others Instagram – Instagram allows other users to view content posted by every user. Since one of the main uses of Instagram is to share amazing content with friends and family, Instagram makes this very easy.

instagram post

What Activity Can't You See on Someone's Instagram?

In as much as some activities can be seen by random people on Instagram, numerous activities cannot be seen by other people except they gain access to the profile by logging in. These activities can only be possible by hacking into the profile or by using spy apps.

Finding the most suitable app that can access the activities without the target phone detecting is crucial. Some of the activities that cannot be seen on other people's Instagram include:

Messages - it is impossible to see other people's messages on Instagram without a spying application.

Calls - it is impossible for other users to answer other people's Instagram calls without a spy app.

instagram messages

How to See Someone's Activity on Instagram

There are different ways to see someone's activity on Instagram but this article will discuss the most efficient for Android phones. Using a spy application can make it very easy to see other people's activity on Instagram without being detected by the target phone. That is Instagram viewer - FoneWatcher for Android.

FoneWatcher for Android is one of the best spy apps that can be used to spy on a phone without the target phone detecting it. There are so many reasons that would want to make anyone spy on another phone. Parents can decide to spy on their kids just to protect them by tracking their kids' activities on the phone.

Benefits of FoneWatcher for Android

The FoneWatcher for Android comes with several features that make it beneficial. Apart from being undetectable, it also comes with other great features like;

  • No Ins account and password - it is difficult to find a spy app that does not allow ins account and password however, the FoneWatcher for Android makes it possible to spy everything on a target phone without an Ins account and password.

  • View Instagram conversations, stories, photos, and videos – with the FoneWatcher for Android, it is possible to secretly view Instagram stories, conversations, photos, and videos of the target Instagram account on private.

  • Stealth mode – with the stealth mode, it is impossible for the target phone to detect being spied on. This is one of the best features that other spy apps don't come with. This makes seeing someone's activity on Instagram easy.

  • Monitors other phone apps - apart from Instagram, FoneWatcher Android Spying can monitor Facebook activity, as well as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

  • Real-time location tracking - This is a plus for parents that are looking for ways to monitor their kids' movement.

Simple Steps to See Someone's Activity via FoneWatcher for Android

The ability to use FoneWatcher for Android efficiently will make one enjoy the application. The following are the simple steps to see someone's activity via FoneWatcher for Android;

1. Sign up for an account with a valid email - to get started with FoneWatcher, it is mandatory to open an account with a valid email. Following the instructions provided, a new FoneWatcher account will be opened.

2. Download and install the app - after opening an account the next thing is to download and install the app on target phone. This should not take more than five minutes.

download and install the app

3.See other people's activities on Instagram - after installing the app on Android phone successfully, you can start seeing his or her activities on Instagram without being detected.

see instagram activity

Tips: How to Hide Activities on Instagram

Seeing different activities on Instagram is easy if one is familiar with some of the features of the app. If the Instagram user care more about their privacy, they can hide activities on Instagram by putting the profile on private. Once the profile is set on private only that are following the user can access to the people that they are following and whom they are followed by.

Setting your Instagram profile on private is a good way to hide activities on Instagram.

Step 1. Tap profile picture in the bottom right.

Step 2. Tap three line on the upper right corner.

Step 3. Tap Settings>Privacy>Activity Status.

Step 4. Slide it to turn it off.

hide instagram activity status


Instagram is one of the best social media applications that makes sharing content easy however, there may be a need to check some eating content, and doing these can be tedious with a wrong application. But with FoneWatcher for Android, it is easy to see someone's activity on Instagram, visible and invisible.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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