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Can Someone Hack into Your Phone by Calling You or Texting You?


Can Someone hack into your mobile phone by calling and texting you?

This is the most common question people always ask. We can understand your fear. Our mobile is the primary device where we store all of our private information from photos, videos, to personal bank details and much more.

So, by hacking our mobile one can easily put their hands on our personal information. What's even worse is that the hacker steals this information only on a random call or text. So can someone really hack into your phone by calling or texting you? Well the answer is "Yes" but not in the way you are thinking.

Before we proceed first you need to know the answers of some common questions. Afterwards, we will discuss the whole process of how hacking exactly works. So let's proceed with these two simple questions.

1. Can Someone Hack into Your Phone by Calling You?

This is an important question that makes people anxious - Can someone hack into their phone by calling? The simple answer to this question is "No". Even a professional can never hack your mobile with a phone call. If that is possible the world would be pretty dangerous and no one would like to pick a call.

However, through a call one can track your current location only if he is professional. But again the call must last for a significant duration because it takes time to triangulate the signals and the person can only find out the location of the tour from which the signals are coming from. So, if you're also worried that someone can hack your mobile by simply calling rest assured it is impossible.

can someone hack into your phone by calling you

2. Can Someone Hack You by Texting You?

Another question that often makes people anxious is "Can someone hack their mobile by texting". What makes them panicked are the rumors that they will receive a message and by opening it will hack their mobile phone. Well, as mentioned these are rumors, Hackers can hack your mobile by texting you but that is not the case. Let me explain it.

Hackers design these kinds of messages with download links that enable them to get into your mobile and hack all the data. These messages are either sent through WhatsApp or other messaging services and fool you by saying it is an innocent link to download something. So, by just opening a message no one can hack your mobile phone but by clicking on the anonymous link they can hack your data.

can someone hack you by texting you

3. Ways to Hack into Someone's Phone

Other than calling and texting, there are numerous ways that hackers mostly use to hack someone's mobile phone. So, if you're interested to know how to hack someone's mobile phone, take a look below. Here we have listed the most popular ways that can enable a person to hack into someone's phone and steal all the data.

1. Third-party Spy Tool

There are numerous apps in the market that allow you to hack someone's mobile phone with only a few clicks. And these apps are not limited to monitoring someone's location, messages, calls and media on the target mobile phone.

New versatiles apps like FoneWatcher are considered to be the ideal voice for this purpose. This incredible monitoring provides all the advanced features that one can need to hack someone's mobile phone. It is wildly popular among parents to monitor the activities of their child. However, most people also use it to keep an eye on their spouse or partner.

The interesting thing about this is that no one anonymous person can install this app on your mobile phone. Only people who have physical access to your mobile phone can download and install this app on your mobile.

Why is FoneWatcher the choice?

  • Undetectable with Stealth mode

    After installation the app automatically goes into hidden mode and the target user can't detect the app working on his/her mobile phone.

  • Compatible for both Android and iOS

    This app is compatible with both Android(FoneWatcher for Android) and iOS(FoneWatcher for iOS). This means you can use it to monitor both Android and iPhone target users.

  • No root or Jailbreak required

    Unlike other apps, FoneWatcher doesn't require root or jailbreak in order to access the target mobile phone.

  • Track real-time location

    With this app you can effortlessly track the real-time location of your target mobile phone. Moreover, you can also get the location history of your kid or spouse's mobile phone.

  • Monitor 10+ social media apps

    Yes, this incredible app allows you to monitor more than 10 social media apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Instagram and many more. You can read their chats and watch all private and public posts, stories and snaps on your target mobile phone.

  • Monitor calls and messages

    With FoneWatcher you can easily read all the incoming, outgoing messages and listen to all the calls on your target mobile phone. What's more you can also record calls with caller and take screenshots of messages.

  • View browser history and bookmarks

    FoneWatcher allows you to monitor the browsing history as well as the bookmarks of the target person. This can help you to know what kind of sites the person visits these days.

How to hack into someone's phone with FoneWatcher

Step 1. Register an account

To get started, sign up on FoneWatcher official website using a valid email address. After signing up, buy a premium plan according to your need and budget. Now you will be redirected to My Product page.

Step 2. Download FoneWatcher app

On My Product page you will get the link to download the apk file on your target mobile phone. Open the target mobile phone and download the apk file on your target mobile phone. Now install the app and configure the app using the setup guide. Once the configuration is completed leave the target mobile phone.

download fonewatcher

Step 3. Hack and check data on dashboard

Now head over to your Pc or any other mobile device and open your FoneWatcher dashboard. Navigate the control panel and monitor all the activities of your target mobile phone on the FoneWatcher dashboard.

check data on fonewatcher dashboard

2. Using Free WiFi

Another most popular way is to hack someone's mobile phone by Free Wi-Fi. You might be surprised but unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots with public access can easily hack your mobile phone and steal all of your personal data.

What hackers usually do when you connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. They perform a DNS spoofing attack and send your request to a malicious site and automatically install a spying app or tool on your mobile phone to collect your data. So, if next time you see a public Wi-Fi, don't ever try to connect to it, it may hack your mobile phone.

3. By Sending a Link

As mentioned above it is a most common way to hack someone's mobile phone by sending a link. In this method hackers put a link into the messages and send this link either through social media apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram or through other messages services.

When you click on the link, it will install a spying tool or app on your mobile phone and give access to your mobile phone data. So, next time if you receive a link that takes you to a website that asks for your personal information or installs a tool on your device, simply avoid it.

4. How to Tell If My Phone is Hacked & What Should I Do?

If you're suspicious that someone might have hacked your mobile phone here are some of the signs that can help you to know it. Look for these signs in your mobile phone and if it shows more than one sign there're greater chances it is hacked.

  • Strange and frequent pop-up on your mobile phone.

  • You may see text and calls that are not made by you.

  • If your mobile is hacked, there are good chances that your mobile data usage would increase from normal.

  • There are apps that you don't install on your mobile phone.

  • Another important sign of a hacked mobile phone is drastically quick drainage of battery.

Now you know if your mobile is hacked now what to do in this case. First look for any malware or spying tool or app on your mobile phone and delete it. Also, change password to your mobile and banking accounts and infiltrate your device from malware.


So that was all. Here you see how hackers can hack your mobile by calling or texting you. You have also read some other ways that hackers use to hack mobile phones and get your private information.

So if next you receive a link from an anonymous number or see a public Wi-Fi, be careful to use it. Also, we have enlisted some of the most common signs that a hacked mobile phone shows. Look for these signs and do whatever you can do to protect your data from hackers.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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