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Top 8 Private Instagram Profile Viewers without Knowing

Over the years, Instagram has proved to be amongst the best social media platform, where people share pictures, meet new people, and even engage in business transactions. Amongst other uses of Instagram, is its stalking feature. Perhaps, you would love to have a peek at your child's Instagram profile or story without him knowing. Or you want to know what your spouse has been up to on social media.

The good news is that you can do all that and more with an Instagram profile viewer. In this article, we have listed the 8 best Instagram profile viewer apps you could use.

instagram private profile viewer

Instagram Viewer #1. FoneWatcher

The FoneWatcher Profile Viewer is undeniably one of the best Instagram monitoring apps. It has in-built features that are tailored to effective Instagram stalking. It allows you to remotely monitor private Instagram accounts.


Compatibility: Very compatible with Android and iOS.

fonewatcher instagram profile viewer

Reasons to choose it:

Stealth mode: Once you download FoneWatcher on your target device, you would not have to worry about being seen. It completely becomes hidden in the target device, making it more convenient to monitor.

View incoming and outgoing calls: You might want to take a look at and check call history, incoming or outgoing or even the browser history of your target device, FoneWatcher allows you to do that.

SMS reading: Get a good look at messages on either your kid's or spouse's Instagram. Who knows? They might have something up their sleeves.

Track real-time location: FoneWatcher has in-built features that allow you to seamlessly track the location of your target in real-time. You can also set georeference with FoneWatcher.

Monitor browser history: With a monitoring app like FoneWatcher, it's easier to track anyone's browser history and know what they have been up to lately.

Remote control: FoneWatcher will be your best assistant to remotely control his/her phone, by recording calls, recording phone screen, recording phone surroundings, capturing screenshots and taking photos through the target's camera.

Instagram Viewer #2. ImageRocket

ImageRocket is a private Instagram stalker app available on both mobile phone and desktop devices. It allows you to view, and monitor any Instagram private account of your choice. Also, you get access to content, and posts of Instagram users who have previously blocked you, without anyone knowing.


Compactibility: Android and desktop.

imagerocket instagram viewer

Reasons to choose it:

Private account viewer: ImageRocket gives you access to private accounts on Instagram, where you can easily view their contents, and posts without restrictions.

Track alerts without an account: Perhaps, you intend to view your friend's Instagram posts without necessarily logging in, ImageRocket allows you to do just that.

View Instagram story: Remotely access any Instagram story of your choice with ImageRocket.

Instagram Viewer #3. PrivatePhotoViewer

Just like the name suggests, PrivatePhotoViewer allows you to view private photos of friends on Instagram. However, it does not stop at that. Normally, when someone blocks you on social media and Instagram inclusive, it is impossible to view their profiles. PrivatePhotoViewer gives you access to profiles, contents, and photos of all blocked accounts.


Compactibility: Compactible with Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

private instagram photo viewer

Reasons to choose it:

View blocked accounts: You do not need to be tech-savvy to view blocked Instagram accounts, because you can do all that with PrivatePhotoViewer.

Protect Instagram contents: It's all up to you to decide whether or not you want your Instagram content to be public. If not, you can easily adjust your privacy settings to private.

Private account switch: PrivatePhotoViewer allows you to switch between private and public Instagram accounts. This is a great way to minimize how much visibility your contents get.

Instagram Viewer #4. Glassagram

Glassagram is an anonymous Instagram profile viewer that allows you to view your target Instagram profile. It works remotely and has in-built features with which you can locate, and track any Instagram account of your choice.


Compatibility: Android and iOS devices.

glassagram instagram viewer

Reasons to choose it:

Detailed information: If you detailed information on private accounts, and profiles, Glassagram helps you do just that.

Updates in real-time: Working according to in-built features, Glassagram gives real-time updates on accounts you are tracking.

Monitor Instagram stories: Instagram stories are fun to watch and can help you get a life update on a person's life. It's easier to see Instagram stories just by installing Glassagram on the target device.

Instagram Viewer #5. uMobix

uMobix is parental monitoring software that helps you conveniently track the online activities of your kids. Since you can't always be with your kids, the next alternative is to find a better way of doing that. Its features allow you to minimize the rate of outgoing or ongoing calls. Also, you get instant access to text messages, and SMS from either the Android, iPad, or iphone device.


Compactibility: Android OS 4+, iPad, and iPhones.


Reasons to choose it:

View deleted calls and texts: A better way of discovering what your kid has been up to is by going through recent, and deleted messages.

Monitor various social media accounts: In case you would love to track more than 1 social media platform, uMobix allows you to do that. Remotely monitor Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Access photos: Discover old and recent photos on your target device. You might want to take screenshots too.

Instagram Viewer #6. eyeZy

eyeZy consists of in-built monitoring features that think ahead to ensure your family's safety. It was tailored to help you safeguard your kids from addiction to the internet and possible side effects. As a parent, eyeZy is that monitoring software that keeps you alert and updated on your kid's social media activities.


Compactibility: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Tablet.


Reasons to choose it:

Monitor Instagram profile: Here, you get access to your target's Instagram profile, and other social media platforms as well.

View private messages: With eyeZy, all hidden messages are easily accessible by just a tap. Then you are free to see both recent, and deleted messages.

Browser interests: See what they spend their time doing online, what sites they visit, and the type of content they watch.

Track location: Monitor their location in real-time with eyeZy. Here, you can see where exactly they are, and where they have been, with the exact GPS location tracker.

Instagram Viewer #7. InstaFreeView

With InstaFreeView, you get access to a lot of monitoring features with which you can spy on any Instagram account of your choice. It affords you the privilege of seeing their posts, number of likes, and comments. All you need to do is insert the username of your target on the search box. This way, you access Instagram posts without necessarily logging in to your account.


Compatibility: Android and iOS devices.


Reasons to choose it:

Secret post viewer: Perhaps, you intend to spy on your crush without him/her knowing, you could start by using InstaFreeView to see their profile.

Anonymous login: With InstaFreeView, you don't need to log in or provide your Instagram login details before gaining access.

Easy to use: It's easier to look up what your target has been up to by simply providing their Instagram username.

Instagram Viewer #8. LikeCreeper

LikeCreeper allows you to view anyone's Instagram profile simply by inserting the right username. It features a friendly user interface and is very easy to install. In addition, LikeCreeper can boast of a certain level of safety, and security. This makes it relatively possible to access numerous Instagram accounts without anyone knowing.


Compatibility: Android and iOS devices.

likecreeper instagram viewer

Reasons to choose it:

Easy Usage: LikeCreeper features an easy-to-use interface that allows every user to navigate through the monitoring processes.

Remotely monitor profiles: Instead of risking your target device finding out what you have been up to, it's more convenient to use LikeCreeper. It allows you to remotely monitor without suspicions.

Safe and secure: Spying is better done within a safe platform. LikeCreeper is 100% safe, and secure.


Spying on an Instagram profile does not have to be a tedious task, thanks to modern monitoring softwares. These apps help you to remotely spy on any Instagram account of your choice.

The best amongst all is the FoneWatcher App that allows you to spy on Instagram accounts, profiles, and posts. It also gives you unlimited access to private Instagram accounts where you can easily go through their contents, and messages.

The upside of the FoneWatcher App is that it does not require rooting, and it operates in Stealth mode. This way, you can freely track without raising suspicions. In addition, FoneWatcher affords you the privilege of tracking your target's location in real-time. You can also access their call history, text messages, and browser history.

Armed with these features, FoneWatcher ensures that users enjoy a good spying experience.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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