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[Signals] How to Tell If Your Phone is Tapped?

It is not hard to know if your phone is tapped, but many of us disregard all its signs because we are not suspicious of the activity. On the other hand, some of us are already used to being spied upon through our phones that we don't even care anymore – this is because we believe that the only people that spy on us through our phones are the governments.

But people who do not work for the government can also spy on your phone; this includes the press, an ex-partner, your employer, even hackers. These people could be listening to the calls you make and receive; they could spy on text messages and be reading the emails and messages you send and receive; others could go as far as messing with the information on the interface of your smartphone.

1: Is There Any Warning Sign that Helps to Know If Your Phone is Being Tapped?

The following are how you can tell if your phone is being tapped:

1. Battery Usage

There are various ways your cell phone battery can drain faster, such as increasing the brightness or putting it at the maximum level, using the phone in a place with hot temperatures, using powerful applications, or playing heavy games. However, if you discover that your battery is draining fast even when the phone is idle, that could indicate that a malicious app is spying in the background.

2. Data Usage

If your phone is being tapped, the first thing you will notice is the fast rate at which your data is draining. Also, you may notice that there is an increase in your phone bill—this data drainage results from some malicious apps that use the internet to upload your information and data. You can check your data usage to determine whether any unknown app uses your data in the background.

3. Strange Messages

Another indication that your phone might be tapped is the appearance of some random messages on your screen. You might have to be careful when you begin to receive random numbers, symbols, or letters from senders unknown. Those messages could mean that the hacker is trying to communicate with the spying software or app on your phone.

4. Apps and Ads Appear Unexpectedly

Another easy way to find out whether your phone is being tapped is to check if you have some unknown apps on your phone. Spyware is usually installed on your phone even without you knowing.

5. Abnormal Activities about Phone

When your phone begins to behave strangely (like automatic reboot, sudden shutter or lag, apps coming up without being controlled, and the screen turning on independently), then your phone might be infected by spyware. The same also applies when you begin to notice pop-up ads on your cell phone's screen.

6. Unusual Noises

If you begin to notice static or clicking noises when you make or receive calls, then there is every chance that a third party is listening to that call. Although network and connection issues can cause these unusual noises, your phone is most probably being tapped if you notice that it recently started.

7. Phone Lights Up Suddenly

If your phone screen suddenly comes up when it's supposed to be in idle or sleep mode, then it might be tapped by a third party. The sudden coming up of the screen might indicate that certain spyware is working on your phone.

phone is tapped

2: How Can I Check Whether My Phone is Tapped or Not?

Do you suspect that someone is spying on you through your phone? Then the following steps will help you determine if your phone is being tapped or not.

1. Number to Dial

The following number will help you determine if your messages, calls, and other data are being forwarded to an external number.

  • *#21# This code will reveal the diversions and forwarding happening on your phone.

  • *#002# This code will deactivate any form of redirection occurring on your phone.

  • *#62# This code will help you discover where your data, messages, and calls are being forwarded to.

  • *#06# This code will give you the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) code. IMEI code of your phone will help you locate it if someone else steals it.

2. Anti-Spyware

Another way to check if your phone is being tapped is to download software that fights against spyware.


Except 2 ways mentioned before, we will also reveal you a famous spy app to preknow so that you can have a check on your phone first to know whether your phone is tapped or not. It is FoneWatcher Spying.

3: What Should You Do Once You Find Out About the Tapping on Your Phone?

You can take the following steps after finding out that your phone is being tapped.

1. Reset Your Phone

If someone has installed a spying app on your phone without your knowledge, then you can get rid of such an app by resetting your phone to its original factory setting. However, the hacker or stalker might know when you reset your phone, so you must be extra careful.

2. Go to the Police

If you have gathered enough evidence about your phone being tapped, you can visit the police station and report the situation to the police. You can also give the police the evidence you have gathered. This will help them to carry out a proper investigation.

3. Check Authorization You Granted to Apps

Sometimes we unconsciously grant access to apps we know nothing about. Some of these apps could be spyware meant to monitor the activities of your phone. Therefore, when you suspect that your phone is being tapped, check all the apps you grant access to and deactivate the ones that seem suspicious.

4. Uninstall Unknown Apps

If you discover that there are some apps you are sure you did not install but are there on the phone, uninstall them immediately because these apps might actually be malware.

5. Ask for Help from Your Carrier

If you suspect that your phone may be tapped, you can call your phone carrier and ask for their help to kick off the hacker(s) from your device by using professional equipment. The phone carrier will find out such activities as phone line spicing, low-frequency devices, listening devices, and illegal wiretaps.

what to do when phone is tapped

Part 4: Is There Any Famous Spy App for Prechecking?

There are thousands of spy apps used for tapping your phone. One of them we would like to remind you is FoneWatcher. You can have a precheck to know whether your phone is being monitored or not.

FoneWatcher for Android

FoneWatcher for Android is an advanced Android monitoring app and software. FoneWatcher has over 30 features. Some of those features include the following:

Remote Tracking and Control

Apart from letting you know if your phone is being tapped, Fonewatcher can also allow you to find out someone's location anytime on the map.

Monitor Social Media Apps Secretly

With FoneWatcher, you can secretly check the activities of a person's social media accounts.

Check Phone Files Easily

This app will allow you to view the images, videos, audio and other files on a target device.


With the information you have acquired from this post, we are sure that you will no longer be a victim of being hacked, tapped, or monitored. Instead, you could be the one doing that. However, do not forget that FoneWatcher will provide you with all the tools you need to free yourself from hackers or be the 'hacker'.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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