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[3 Ways] How to Get Someone's Snapchat Password without Survey?


"I want to know what my girlfriend is doing all day on Snapchat without letting her know. Can you help me on how to get someone's Snapchat password without them knowing?"

Yes, it would be surprising for you on hearing the first time but it's possible to get someone's Snapchat password without phone or email. There are a lot of methods that can be tried to get into someone's Snapchat and many of them don't even require human verification or password.

In this article, we will list and describe some of the most effective ways to get someone's Snapchat password.

get someones snapchat password

Way 1. Using Phishing Techniques to Hack Snapchat Password

The oldest and used technique that's still in practice somehow is Phishing. It's a trick which deceives the target user by showing him/her the login page of Snapchat and persuades them to enter their username and password.

The person who has shared the phishing page has attached a database that saves the credentials as soon as he/she enters and clicks on the "Login" button.

This method is not only limited to Snapchat it can be used to hack someone else's Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, or any other website that you might think about.

get snapchat password by phishing

But to make use of this method, you should probably be familiar with some technical things like HTML and how to create a web page and store data behind it. Later, you need web hosting and a domain to host your Phishing application. It's not easy as it seems and you can get into a lot of legal troubles for doing this as well.

Way 2. Get Someone's Snapchat Password Using Email

You can get into someone's Snapchat if you have permission to target the user's email account and you have the privilege to access it.

So, you can send a password reset email to the target user's email address and by opening that email you can later change their Snapchat's password as well. Here's how you can do this:

Step 1. Open the Snapchat web or mobile app and tap on the "Log in" options.

Step 2. Go for "Forgot Password" and the Reset Password form will appear, enter your Email or Password that you have chosen and hit "Submit".

get snapchat password using email

Step 3. Now, open the email account of the target user and look for the latest password reset email from Snapchat. Once found open it and click on the reset link.

reset email to get snapchat password

Step 4. You will redirect and be asked to enter your new password and re-type to confirm your password. This is how you can get into someone's Snapchat without them knowing.

log in someones snapchat

How to Get into Someone's Snapchat without Password?

Don't have access to their email or do not ware how to create a phishing page? Well, you don't need to worry here. We have got a solution for you that will not require an email or phishing technique to get SnapChat access to someone.

What we will do? We will make use of a third-party monitoring app that will allow us to get into someone's Snapchat without a password. There are a lot of apps to monitor Snapchat but what we have used and recommended is FoneWatcher.

FoneWatcher Snapchat checker is such a reliable and efficient third-party tool that you can use to get someone's Snapchat password without phone or email.

Why Choose FoneWatcher to Get into Someone's Snapchat

Every time you don't need to log in to Snapchat from your web portal, you can view all the activities and get into someone's Snapchat.

It works anonymously and you can take Snapchat screenshots without them knowing on the target android device.

You can get real-time updates on Snapchat and you can monitor the Snapchat of target device anywhere and anytime.

  • Track phone location secretly and remotely, show all location history in map view and support to set up geofence.
  • Check all text messages, call history, and search history on target phone.
  • Best phone recorder to record phone calls, phone screen, and phone surroundings.
  • Capture screenshots and take photos through target's phone camera.
  • Monitor over 10 social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and so on.

[3 Steps] Get into Someone's Snapchat Without Password Using FoneWatcher

Step 1. Create an account

The process begins by creating an account on the official website and after registration choose a plan. Once purchasing is done, go to the product page.

Step 2. Download and install the app

Getting physical access to the target device, you need to download the FoneWatcher and enter your login credentials. After installation allows the app to get access to the features that it requires and once the installation is complete, the app will start working anonymously.

download fonewatcher on android

Step 3. Get into Snapchat and start to monitor its activities

Now, you have all access to the target device and you can keep an eye on all the activities made by the user on their Snapchat. It's not only for Snapchat but you can monitor all other social networking apps as well. All these activities can be viewed on a dashboard and you can log in here by using your account.

dashboard to monitor snapchat

The target user won't even realize that someone is keeping an eye on his/her Snapchat activities and you can get all their activities data online anywhere and anytime using a web-based portal.

You may wonder, why someone should choose FoneWatcher when there are a variety of apps available for such a purpose? In the below section, we have described some of the features that make it more reliable:

FAQs about Snapchat Password

Q1. How to reset my Snapchat password?

The reset process is amazingly simple on Snapchat, you just have to tap on "Forgot Password" and choose "Email". A reset link will be sent to your email address by clicking on that you can reset your Snapchat password.

Q2. What do I do if I forgot my Snapchat password and email?

If you forgot your SnapChat password and email, you can contact Snapchat support for help & they will guide you throughout the process. The other thing that you can try out is by using the forgot password feature this may help you out.

Q3. How to get a Snapchat password without a phone or email?

Getting a Snapchat password without a phone or email is possible if you have access to the right tool. By using FoneWatcher, you can get into someone's Snapchat without phone or email.

In the End

Snapchat has become one of the popular social networking websites among youngsters. By much popular, there are always some drawbacks that one must consider in mind.

If you have a suppose and want to know how to get into Snapchat without a password, you can try out the methods described in this article. The most recommended method that works is by using FoneWatcher.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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