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How to Hack Telegram without The Person Knowing?

Telegram is a social messaging app that's known for its secret messaging feature and in recent years it has gained huge popularity. Have you ever thought that how Telegram hacks words and what to do if you want to hack a Telegram account of your kid or spouse to know to whom they are texting? In this article, you will learn how to hack a Telegram account without code and many other details as well.

Part 1. Why is Telegram the Most Popular among Messenger Apps?

A year ago when people were worried about WhatsApp reading their message that time millions of users moved to Telegram:

Unlimited Storing

Users get unlimited space on Telegram that means all their data is stored on a server. You can log in and log out as many times as you want on man devices and your data will be there. It supports a file size of 2GB.

Group Members Support

WhatsApp is another social media app that only supports 256 group members in a group and on the other side Telegram can support 200,000 group members.

Secret Chat

It's a kind of chat that's an end to end encrypted, one can choose the self-destructor timer. All the messages and media will be deleted when the timer hits its limit.


Telegram has a feature that makes use of AI and machine learning at a small level. It can perform tasks like can find images with a name or automating generating a reply to texts. Besides these features, there are many other features as well.

hack telegram account

Part 2. How to Hack Telegram without Knowing?

If you are looking for a way that will help you to hack Telegram, then you probably need a third-party app that will give you access to Telegram hack. In this article, we will use FoneWatcher Telegram hacker. It's an advanced Android monitoring app that comes along with 30+ features. It's more powerful, comes with affordable prices, is 100% undetectable, provides data syncing and protection as well.

Simple Steps to Check Telegram Information via FoneWatcher

Step 1. Register An Account with Valid Email

Create an account on the official website using your email and later buy a plan that fits your needs. You need to have a premium account to enjoy all the features of the FoneWatcher application.

Step 2. Download Hack Telegram Software

In this step, you have to download and install the monitoring app on the target Android device. Please follow all the instructions that you see during the installation process and after configuring it all, you can start monitoring viewing all the Telegram data on the web control panel.

select system and download fonewatcher

Step 3. View Hacked Telegram Data on Dashboard

Now, open the dashboard that you got along the Telegram hack app and log in to it. In this dashboard, you can view all the details of target users about their Telegram such as all the shared media, text messages, voice messages, and calls as well.

monitor telegram on fonewather dashboard

Part 3. What Does FoneWatcher Telegram Hacker Monitor?

FoneWatcher has many things to offer that can help a user to hack a Telegram account without code. Some are listed below:

Check Telegram Sender

Using this Telegram hack tool, you can view all the details about the person who's sending text messages or media on the target device.  You can view their name, details, and how many times he/she has sent messages or media files as well.

View Telegram Message

If you want to know all the messages whether incoming or outgoing even it supports seeing the messages that were deleted. This will also allow you to view all the photos, videos, and voice messages shared among the users as well.

Capture Screenshot on Telegram

Curious to know what someone is doing at the current moment on Telegram? Well, the FoneWatcher allows you to capture the screenshot of the target device any time and see what they are doing currently on your monitoring dashboard.

See Photos and Videos

This monitoring app has this great feature that allows a user to view all the photos and videos stored on the target android device. The target user won't even notice that someone is viewing their photos and videos. This includes all the photos and videos that were shared using social media apps as well.

Part 4. Why Do You Choose FoneWatcher to Hack Telegram Account?

It's an interesting thing that one might ask you if you tell them about FoneWatcher. Let's have a look at some of the things that should persuade everyone to use FoneWatcher.

No Root Needed

You can find a lot of Telegram hack apps over the Internet but most of them require rooting your smartphone. This will expire your phone's guarantee and you can disable your phone permanently if something goes wrong during the rooting process. It's compatible with all the latest android versions.

No Telegram ID and Password Required

If you want to hack someone's Telegram account, you won't require a Telegram ID or Password. Even this won't let the target user detect that someone is accessing their Telegram account. You just have to install the FoneWatcher Telegram app on the target device and you are ready to go.

100% Hidden and Undetectable

The app will hide once it's installed on the target device. It doesn't take much battery power so it will be undetectable and will do its work in the background without the user knowing. The icon of the app also gets disappeared from the screen. You don't even have to touch the phone, as you can hack the Telegram app from the dashboard.

FAQs about Hacking Telegram Without Knowing

Q1. Is there any free download Telegram hack for PC?

Yes, there are many free download Telegram hacks for PC. But people use Telegram more on phone because of protecting their privacy. FoneWatcher Telegram hacker won't disappoint you.

Q2. How to Hack Telegram Online Free?

If you are looking for hacking Telegram free online, many free Telegram hacking tools won't ask you to pay but they will show you annoying ads. Some websites claim that they can hack online Telegram but most of them are fake and scams.

Q3.  Is there a way to know whether my Telegram is hacked?

Yes, you can know if your Telegram account is hacked or not. Because your account was hacked, you will see different unknown messages or activities that you haven't performed. Such as the hacker may change your name or can send random texts to your friends or family.


Telegram is a popular social messaging app that you can use to be in touch with your friends and family. If you want to know how to hack a Telegram account to monitor the activities of your kid or spouse on Telegram, you can apply the method described in this article. FoneWatcher is one of the best Telegram hacking tools that you can use for such a purpose.

By Tomson Brown

Posted on Jan 05, 2022 ( Updated: Jan 05, 2022 )

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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