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[Solved] How to Tap Someone's Phone without Touching It

Phones are one of the most used technological creatures in our lives. People use them for making calls, sending messages and a lot more. So there are thousands of people that really want to tap a cell phone remotely and listen in someone else's calls.

Whether you attempt to monitor your kid's phone conversation or catch a cheating spouse, you have to need an assistant to fulfill your objective. And if you want to know how to tap a cell phone without touching it for free, this article will help you out.

Is It Possible to Tap A Cell Phone without Touching It?

The answer is a big yes. There are a lot of cell phone spywares in the market that can help you check out who your targets are talking to frequently and what they are talking about remotely. These spywares also help in tracking all the activities of the target phone, like messages, browser history, media apps, etc. without any hassles.

You do not need to be a technical wizard to use a cell phone spyware. All you have to do is to download the app and install it on the target phone. After that, you will be able to tap the phone from every corner of the world without touching it again and the person using the phone will not know that the phone is tapped.

how to tap a cell phone without touching it for free

While there are many spywares available, some of which are limited in features and hard to operation. Therefore, you need to try FoneWatcher which has the most powerful features that can be found in a phone bug app. It gives you full control over someone's phone activities and you can listen to incoming and outgoing phone calls, record every keystroke happened on the phone, see what they're looking at in the internet, or review their text messages since they send or receive them. Let's discuss how you can tap a cell phone remotely.

How to Tap A Cell Phone without Touching It

FoneWatcher is one of the easiest apps to use and you'll be delighted with its simple and intuitive user interface. You have to access the target phone for 3 minutes, and follow the step-by-step guide below to set up the app easily. Note that FoneWatcher works without root, which is one of the only apps advanced enough to do so:

Step #1: Sign up on FoneWatcher website with your email. After creating an account, you will be requested to buy a valid license for Android.

Step #2: You will need to download the app on the target phone from Follow the prompts on the screen. It will give you every step in detail. There is nothing much to do. Once the setup is complete, the app icon will disappear from home screen and works in incognito mode.

install kidsguard pro app on target phone

Step #3: Now, you can log into FoneWatcher website on your own device. All the monitoring features are available here. You only need to select the specific file to view the data. To tap someone's phone without touching it, go to the Remote Control > Record Calls tab on the left side of the dashboard. You can:

  • Listen in all incoming and outgoing call conversations.

  • Check the timestamps, duration, phone number, contact name and other details of each call.

  • Play directly or save the calls you want on your own device.

  • Search a specific call with keyword.

android web control panel to record call

Want to try FoneWatcher before you purchase it? Take a look at the free demo here!

Why Should I Choose FoneWatcher to Tap A Cell Phone

Some of the things that differentiate FoneWatcher from other spywares to tap a cell phone without touching it are:

  • It is designed with stealth nature, so the target user will never find out that you are tapping them.

  • You can tap a cell phone remotely without touching it once this app is installed. Simply access the dashboard from any browser.

  • You don't need any technical skills whatsoever to use FoneWatcher. It is easy to install and use.

  • It's a full-blown remote spy app that provides more than 30+ features.

  • It only costs a few bucks, however, other spywares cost three to four times as much.

  • It is trustworthy and being recommended by a lot pf popular media outlets.

kidsguard pro media review

Some Questions about How to Tap A Cell Phone

1. Can I tap someone's phone without knowing?

Yes. It's possible to tap someone's phone without knowing as some spywares are able to work silently in the background and record all the data from the phone to your online account.

2. Can you tap a phone with just the number?

You can't tap a phone with just the phone number. The only way is to install a professional spyware like FoneWatcher on the target phone. Then it gives you complete access to the target's phone data.


After reading this guide of how to tap a cell phone without touching it for free, you might have realized that it is not as hard as you might have imagined. All that you need is to choose which phone you want to tap and then install KidsGuard Pro app according to the steps mentioned above. The app is also reliable and trustworthy, making it the perfect way to tap someone's phone remotely and discreetly.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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