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iOS 17 Live Voicemail: View Real-time Messages Someone Is Leaving for Calls


Apple announced its "Wonderlust" launch event on September 12, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. PT (10:30 p.m. IST). Aside from the iPhone 15 Series, the event is expected to introduce the Apple Watch 9 Series, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and other products.

ios 17 iphone live voicemail

At WWDC23, the latest iOS version iOS 17 was released and will be officially available to the public in this fall. New features in iOS 17 were described to global audiences and Live Voicemail is one of them. iPhone users can see real-time messages of a voicemail and pick up the phone calls before it ends in iOS 17. Calls identified as spam by carriers will not leave a live voicemail. If Silence Unknown Callers is turned on, the call will be directly show as a live voicemail without ringing.

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a digitally recorded message. When you call someone and they aren't available, you can record a voice message into a digital mailbox that may be retrieved by the mailbox owner. You can custom a greeting for voicemail

With the digital technology booming, visual voicemail appears. Mobile users can benefit from visual voicemail because it can deliver a written transcript to your email, messaging app, or other location. It offers more functionality than voicemail, most notably the ability to view message data on a screen similar to an email inbox. The user can decide at their discretion whatever messages they want to listen to now or put off for later.

What is the Difference between Live Voicemail and Regular Voicemail?

The biggest difference between iPhone Live Voicemail and regular voicemail is that you can see the immediate messages for the call is ringing, while the regular voicemail is a audio turned into a voicemail box. You have the choice to pick up the phone call or not when you see the messages leaving. iPhone Live Voicemail will protect you from potential spam call as well as miss no important connects.

How to Turn On/Off Live Voicemail on iPhone?

First thing should be known is that Live Voicemail is an iOS 17 feature. Though the iOS 17 is coming this fall, you can early access to this feature in iOS 17 beta. Join in Apple Beta Program to install iOS 17 beta, so that you can enjoy all the new features in iOS 17. By the way, Live Voicemail is only available in USA, Canada and UK at present.

  • Live Voicemail is on by default in iPhone with iOS 17.
  • Go to "Settings", tap Phone app, and find Live Voicemail to turn on/off it.
  • In the Dynamic Island or at the top of your iPhone, you'll see the phone and recording icon when you receive a call and hang up or send it to voicemail.
  • Go to Live Voicemail transcription.
  • The caller can now be blocked, answered, or you can let them complete leaving a voicemail. You can also swipe up from the bottom to leave a Live Voicemail at any moment.

iphone live voicemail


Here is about iPhone Live Voicemail. How do you think about this feature? Is Live Voicemail worthy? Are you prefer regular voicemail, visual voicemail or Live Voicemail? Will you turn it on or off? Share with us about your opinions!

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